We exist to help facilitate growth by empowering performers, creatives and production teams by providing opportunities within our projects for them to gain useful practical skills, knowledge and experience in many facets of musical theatre.

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Putting on a musical takes so much passion and work

and should feel worth the effort.

I wanted to create and be part of a musical theatre production company that prioritises its people and audiences over its profits and committee, where it is important to be yourself and bring your whole self to the show you’re a part of.

A place where you can be free to be you.

There is an opportunity to create a bridge with this company, between community and professional theatre. We will help support and educate people who aren’t a student in one of the MT schools who are looking for opportunities for growth.

I believe that in order to allow room for people to be themselves a company must openly invest time and energy into listening to its people. When you put your trust and faith into team members and allow them to express themselves freely and respectfully, they create a show they’re proud of. This pride rubs off on all who come in contact with the work they’ve created.

I truly believe that if you’re in a position to support others, you should bring people with you. 
Once we’d built Broadway Unplugged and Piano Bar into platforms for performers to get
involved and gain experience and skills, it felt like the right thing to continue to use my expertise in leadership, governance, production, and direction, and my passion for storytelling
and musical theatre to help aspiring performers to hone their skills."


Bradley Dylan, Founder and President

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