The Be You Inc Team

Bradley Dylan

President & Founder

As the founder and president of Be You Inc, Bradley is the artistic voice and vision behind all of its projects. His passion for leadership, holistic approach to sociology and social systems, and degrees in business, management, and applied psychology, coupled with extensive experience in running production companies and performing arts studios since 2004, gives him a unique perspective on the future of theatre, and how best to use applied psychological approaches for the betterment of everyone involved. He is the Producer and Director of Broadway Unplugged.

Daniele Buatti

A passionate musician, music director, and storyteller, Daniele loves
nothing more than exploring how music can be used to effect an audience and support the sharing of stories. He brings a wealth of experience to the board through his knowledge of music, his love of story, and his desire
to make genuine connections with people. Daniele is the Creative Director of Broadway Unplugged.

Laura de Iongh

Through a lifetime of dance experience that led her to choreographing musicals in London, Laura brings her love of creation and organisation to the board, helping us to tailor our programs to suit wide audiences. As both a performer and creative team member Laura brings a unique perspective to Be You Inc which helps set our agenda, and is a large contributor to our Piano Bar evenings. Laura is an integral part of Be You Productions.

Harry Tibballs

As our secretary, Harry brings years of committee and secretariat experience in a range of educational and cultural charities and not-for-profit organisations to our board. His passion for helping others is the driving force behind the board’s productivity, while performing in shows and studying Medicine with Melbourne Uni. Harry believes in balance, and that everyone involved in staging musicals should be kind, productive and prioritise fun.

Harry is the producer of Maybe This Time.

Kaori Maeda-Judge

Kaori has a diploma in screen acting (Film and Television Institute) and a BFA in Music Theatre (VCA), she’s appeared as a series regular on Neighbours in the role of Jasmine Udagawa, and alongside Nazeem Hussain on his comedy skit show, Orange Is The New Brown.

She’s had the pleasure to sing on stage with people such as accomplished Broadway composer, John Bucchino, as a soloist in a concert of his work and alongside such Australian icons as John Waters, Tim Freedman and Brian Mannix in the cast of PARIS – A Rock Odyssey. In 2019, Kaori was honoured to be a part of the original Australian cast of Lazarus playing the role of Maemi presented by The Production Company.

Brendan Jelley

Brendan is a passionate performer with experience in many areas of the industry. An advocate for supportive environments in what can be a tough industry, Brendan always strives to challenge stigma, create opportunities and share insight through experience. He’s passionate about providing opportunities and platforms for all members of the industry from the grassroots up and coming to the seasoned professionals. He believes we never stop learning and equally should never stop giving back.

Chelsea Homan

Chelsea has a Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre) from AIM and completed her Honours in Theatre and Performance at Monash University. She's been a backing vocalist for Broadway Unplugged, and after working with the Be You Inc team she wanted to get involved in the management team.

She's passionate about and believes in creating equal opportunities for all performers and wants to be part of the change to the music theatre industry to make these opportunities happen!

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