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Seeking production team members

We’re looking to expand our team with succession in mind. We’re not going to be around forever, and want to ensure we’re training people to take over when the time comes. This time isn’t soon, but would be good to ensure we’re strengthening our industry for when the time comes.


There are two roles available

  • Assistant Music Director

  • Assistant Creative Director


Both roles do not require you to be ready to go from day one. We will provide training and coaching support for successful applicants. These are future-focused roles and therefore we expect you to take the first few months to learn how Broadway Unplugged functions and provide assistance to our team.


These roles are voluntary as Broadway Unplugged is the sole fundraiser for Be You Inc to support its charitable purposes. As a result the time commitment is minimal and mostly during the few weeks leading up to each show.

Assistant Music Director

Our assistant music director will spend their time supporting the show musically, through both performance and arranging, the latter of which will have training provided.

We’re looking primarily for pianists, though applicants who play other instruments are welcome to apply.


This role will support Daniele’s work as music director in many ways, including the possibility of:

  • Playing for artist rehearsals

  • Playing for Broadway Unplugged shows

  • Arranging music for the band

  • Vocal directing artist rehearsals 

  • Liaising with and leading the band


Assistant Creative Director

Our assistant creative director will take the lead in the direction of each show, being responsible for the themes and how these themes are explored by the artists through their song choices and performances.

This role is ideal for someone who is looking to explore directing through a concert medium, and is excited about how music theatre songs out of context can take on and express new meanings.


This role will support Daniele’s vision of the show, and will work closely with Brad to:

  • Explore themes for each show

  • Assist artists in choosing songs for the show

  • Find repertoire for resident artist solo work

  • Lead our resident artist group (formerly known as backing vocalists)

  • Provide directorial support in rehearsals